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How often we fight with our loved one's? I guess the right answer is every now and then. Someone has once said to me that these fights make the bond stronger and that we fight with whom we love. But, I guess the content that bubbles out of our mouth when fighting can be disastrous for the relation. It doesn't have to be something too much, because the ones that matter to us can shred our heart into pieces even with just some small words.

Poetry / Romance
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Relationship and love,

Be it friendly, romantic or parental,

Are always held on strings.

You can always relish each pearl on them,

Or rather fuck them when worked up.

Sometimes, we give in to heat of the moment,

And enjoy relieving the perked up nerves and veins,

Engaging into brawls or rather worse when tongue overpowers,

Saying things that for sure we later regret.

However, once said you cannot take it back,

You can be sorry for lives,

Until the other one forgives and accept you back.

But remember that they are held on strings?

Means probably they can't forgive. Then what?

No matter how much you regret,

Number of sorry doesn't count,

When one is hurt apologising doesn't account,

And bond once shared is lost for forever.

You can carry the relationship now,

So on they will be for hi, hello and how.

Devoid of feelings, emotions and support,

Just the hollow one's like our heart.

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