Poetry: Rhymes of Evil

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This is a collection of rhymes that tell stories. These are not ordinary ones, these are quite folly. Sort of like Dr. Seuss, but without the ensured happy. But rather a Seuss that is evil and stabby. I hope you enjoy my collection of rhymes. Please write a review, for we're all running out of time.

Poetry / Horror
Stephen Evans
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A Fallen Plane

I sat there tied to this vinyl chair
Unable to escape this forsaken lair
Goosebumps rose on every part of my skin
I sat there praying to the lord to rid all my sin
The force of the gravity had cracked my ribs
But that's only a worry if I continue to live
I watched out the window, gazing upon the fast coming ground
I didn't make a move, I didn't make a sound
The people around me had met their demise
For it was quite obvious if you looked at their guise
It was so fortunate for them, to meet their fate so well
No pain, no suffering, just a straight trip to hell
Now I shall meet mine, my predetermined fate
And I shall rise to the heavens to fix my mistakes
No matter the cause, no matter the way
I'll continue to prosper, forever in my own way
Though now I shall die, to sit there and crumble
My spine will go first, then again it's been such a trouble
But now I'm ready to go, there's no stopping it now
But at least I'm satisfied with my life, in a wicked dark somehow
And now I stare out the window, watching the ground come closer
Then there is blackness, for I've reached my never-ending slumber

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