Poetry: Rhymes of Evil

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When Lights Go Red

I sat there in my leather bound seat
Watching mom drive to our house to go eat
I had noticed a problem when she hadn't stopped for the light
I didn't feel excitement, only the feeling of sheer fright
I had looked there beside me to see a truck coming our way
I thought to myself 'Please lord don't take us away!"
I had turned to my mom, knowing it'd be the last face I see
I blew her a kiss and said, "I love you sweetpea"
She had faced my way with a sorrowful frown
For she had lost all control of what was about to go down
As I stare there at mom, tears beginning to fall
I yell "Mom turn the wheel, please save us all!"
She turned the wheel as fast as she could
My body froze stiffly, like a hard piece of wood
Mom turned the wheel, but not fast enough
I just sat there in silence, trying to be tough
There was nothing I could do, surely I've met my fate
Now it's time to meet the mighty heaven's gate
I looked at the trucker who smoked his cigar
And then just like that, the truck hit the car
Our bodies go flying, the airbags go off
The engine caught fire, mom's eyes has shutoff
I look at my mom who is bleeding from her head
I didn't have to test it, I knew she was dead
I looked at the trucker that ran to my side
I said, "Why? Oh why must we die?"
The trucker had sat there with a tear in his eye
Then I had whispered to him "It's time for me to fly"

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