Poetry: Rhymes of Evil

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What Lurks In The Night

"The creatures of the night oh so long ago
Made a book of heinous rhymes to give to their foes
The book was not foul nor nonsensical to read
Yet the words that were embedded made it so your heart were to bleed
The book was passed down from the ancestors of many
And now I have it to read, the Book of Ampheni
Now fear not my dear, do not be afraid
The creatures of the night, are just simply portrayed
They do not exist, not in this life or another
And they shall never be seen as per their druther"
The mother had spoken, gazing upon her dear child
A mother of two, one daring, and one mild
The boy lie beside her, leaning his head on her thigh
For he felt safe beside her, she was an ally
"Now the story begins with a demon from hell
This chapter is named the Cellar's Dark Spell
It begins with a boy, similar to you in age
But the boy was alone, standing in the dark all afraid
He picked up the candle that stood so near beside him
Where he stepped into the cellar, humming a rather holy hymn
He prayed for the lord to bring brightness to the dark
To rid of the black and to light up the arc
The arc led the entrance to the pit down below
The cellar of his home, so deep and so low
The candlelight flared the evergoing abyss
Then he felt though as if there was something he'd miss
Farther did he go, venturing deep down inside
Little did he know, a creature was planning his demise
A demon of black, with long knife-like hands
"This is my crypt you fool, now get out of my lands!"
The creature had thought to itself
Stepping down from the mighty oak shelf
The candle had blown out, causing the dark to return
The boy had felt his hands begin to burn
As the creature had grimaced at the young boys discern
The creature had touched the boys small dainty hands
Getting ready to slice him with its long knife-like hands
And then the slice had begun from his neck to his knees
Ripping the flesh of the young boy as he begged 'stop please'
When the creature was finished with slicing the boy
The last thing left to do was to seamlessly destroy
So the creature opened its mouth oh so wide
And stuffed the child in to make sure it met its demise
And that is the Book of Ampheni as we know it
Now that the story's done, we can finally quit
Now go to bed my dear, I'll see you next morn
I love you my sweetness, I have since you were born"
The mother had said as she stepped into the hall
Stepping over the toys, cautious not to fall
The lights had gone out, in the home the boy lived in
The boy lie there quietly, gently rubbing his chin
He wondered about the creature, and if it were real
Then all of the sudden something moved so surreal
It was the creature of Ampheni, coming to end the boy's life
To rip the boy to pieces or to eat him alive
But rather do both, first he'll split him in half
Swallow him, eat him, then listen to his belly laugh
And so he did and the boy had met his demise
And the creature lived on for its job is to demonize
It eats up the children to make creatures of the night
To scare all the people to cause them sheer fright
And this is the end of What Lurks In The Night
I hope you enjoyed the creatures, I hope it gave you a fright.

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