Poetry: Rhymes of Evil

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A Wish Comes True

I stood there before the mighty Nalor

Nalor was a witch, and not one to ignore

For she granted you wishes, without ever a price

Though often she spoke "Your every wish rolls the dice"

I didn't take that to heart, for I had wishes to make

A wish can't be wasted, that'd be a mistake

So I traveled to my home, my small homey abode

It stood there beside me, on the edge of the road

I spoke to myself "What a small home I own"

"Would it be such a shame for it to have grown?"

I settled my thoughts, with a no it would not

So I used my first wish, surprised of what it had brought

A large pillared mansion, stood before me right there

It had come into existence from just the thin air

I had walked through the doors, to be greeted by much

I had no idea the wish also brought stuff

I had sofas, and chairs, and bottles of wine

I had no idea life could be so divine

There were curtains, and paintings, and chandeliers that stood high

Every part of the house had surely caught my keen eye

After a while, I had found the home to be lonely

So I had wished for a wife, though that is in name only

She was a beautiful woman of bright yellow hair

With a great purple gown that she would oftentimes wear

Her name was Eliza and she was my best friend

She was so kind and so happy, I never wanted it to end

But after some years, she had grown mighty old

Soon after she died from a very aggressive cold

Not wanting to catch a cold and drop dead myself

I wished a wish upon my oneself

And then I was granted the gift of endless life

Something I should have given to my dearest wife
After another few years, I once again found myself lonely
So I wished for another wife, this time having a ceremony
After another few years had gone by
My wife told me I'm greedy for wishing so high
She said "You wish for this and you wish for that"
She said "Oh my lord you've become a spoiled brat"
And then just like that, my wife had left me once more
Not in the form of her life, but she had walked out the door
And then once again, my life had turned lonely and cold
For everyone that I loved ran away cause I'm bold
If I need something done, I will wish upon that one task
I am not hesitant to briefly just ask
Then I had realized what my last wife said was true
Deep down inside my heart truly knew
All these wishes have brought is loneliness and sorrow
I don't want to live any longer, I want my life to end tomorrow
I had gone to the room and brought out the gun
Pointed it at myself and then it was done
I had pulled the trigger and bullets came fast
I aimed it right at my head, but the bullets went passed
They had gone right through me, at least that's what I thought they had done
But I had forgotten I couldn't die from a gun
I actually couldn't from anything you see
I had made myself immortal, I can't set myself free
I had used another wish to make myself mortal once more
For if I had died, I was not someone anyone cared for
So then I had said "Bring me mortality please"
But the witch of Nalor responded with "I shall not grant that wish you lazy old sleaze"
I spoke "But you said every wish didn't come with a price"

"But that's where you're wrong" she said " for every wish rolls the dice"

Now I stood there confused, my mind going crazy

I have realized myself that I had turned lazy

The wishes brought loneliness, laziness, sorrow, and pain

All of these things I told Nalor to try and explain

She said "All of these negatives you've brought on yourself"

"And that's the price that you'll pay for you've spoiled yourself"

I said "But why can't I just end my miserable life?"

"Because you're too damn greedy for the afterlife"

She said "So you'll live down here on the Earth forever"

"Watching those that you love die away altogether"

I stood there in silence, realizing what I have done

I realized the wishes weren't to be used for such fun

Now I must meet the consequences that Nalor has set for me

For now I have seen that I'll never be set free

I'll stay here on Earth watching my loved ones around me pass

I hope that one day this curse will run out of gas

After many long years I saw many members die

My sister, my mother, even my favorite guys

I had watched them all suffer, outlasting them all

Just by recieving some wishes my life took a fall

So I sat there in silence, and asked Nalor for an endless sleep

For I can't last any longer, I've met my defeat

So then just like that, I met my never ending slumber

For my dreams are much brighter than my real life encumber

And this is the end of A Wish Comes True

I hope I taught a lesson to the mean and greedy few

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