Poetry: Rhymes of Evil

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The Gates of Hell

He brushed his long, bony fingers along the cold, hard stones

His skin was tight, showing all of his bones

His body a faint silhouette from the dimly lit blue flame

His eyes were of orange inferno, looking for someone to claim

The flame had lit up his face in the everlasting night

The dark never goes away, it will never seek flight

His mouth was large, a smile always trickling in

A tall man he was, with a devilish grin

He spoke these few words of the gates of hell

"The lord of darkness had released the spell"

And so the man said with a deep, low, rasp voice

"You people of Earth don't have a choice."

The moment he said this, the sky had turned red

But not a beautiful red, a red of the dead

Buildings caught fire, some tumbling down

Magma spurted up, layering the ground

People screamed and yelled and shouted for help

And then there was silence with an occasional whelp

The echoing roar of the red clouds thunder

Was a sound so deafening, it was every encumber

The man laughed and laughed as people screamed

A dark red pool of blood beginning to stream

It began to rain small droplets of blood

Turning all dirt into blood-stained mud

The man then spoke another few words

"Let the demons rise to the Earth, let them enter in a herd

Let the blood fall forever, let the buildings forever burn

Let the blue flames of hell feed the everlasting churn

The churn of the hellions and demons that lurk

Let them feed upon the humans, there is so much work

We have to torture and pillage and bring agony to their lives

We have to murder and steal and massacre their wives

Man has no hope of a future, this I know!"

Covering the ground was grey ash falling so slow

The entirety of the world went up into flames

"The devil himself is all the one to blame!"

From now the earth we know will never be the same

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