Poetry: Rhymes of Evil

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A Corrupted Throne

I’ve always thought, what an honor it’d be

To become a king and rule over thee

To have no rules for myself, only laws for the people

Ha, of course by then, they would be such sheeple

They would do as I say, never a thought for themselves

We’d take all their freedoms and even further we’d delve

First taking the simplest, starting with the freedom of speech

Then we would move so much deeper, like the freedom to teach

We would invade the people’s privacy, watch them swear, watch them bathe

They would be scared of who we are, not a single person unscathed

I’d create an organization, filled with psychotics and thieves

The proles would worship us, I would make them believe

They would bow their ever so shaken knee, bow their knee to me or they’ll never be free

They would learn to love their masters, to serve on their own

No need to ravish or torture, they’ll simply bow to the throne

I would see all and know all, not a single whisper unheard

My guards will so find you, soaring the cities like a bird

I shall state it right now, do not dare act with defiance

Or my goons and myself will ensure your compliance

You’ll listen to my every order, you will love me while you serve

Or you’ll meet your demise, that of which one you deserve

Be it hanging or beheading, perhaps another torture

Or even the end after meeting Rahkul the Scorcher

As you can see the thought of power has corrupted my mind

By putting on that ring, I’ve become so blind

Perhaps that is how it’s meant to be

The seats of power will certainly corrupt thee

It attracts a person who is all evil within

A person from Hell who is nothing, but sin

There is no telling how many the throne has taken

Perhaps one, maybe two, or even a million

If there is a lesson in this story it is this

Do not dare sit atop a throne, if you plan to have bliss

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