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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Many stories have been told in this world,

Some of them being fairy tales, while others are based off of something true.

Every story that is told has a different meaning to life,

The meaning of life that is supposed to end in a certain way.

Some say it's supposed to end in harmony,

While others say it's supposed to end in Heaven.

But that secret to life has never included the most important part.

The part of which I've experienced.

They always tell you how the angels and your loved ones will be there at the end.

When you're on your death bed and ready to fly,

They tell you it'll be okay and you'll find peace in the clouds.

You'll live among the love and hope that many found so hard to find in the real world.

But I've experienced different.

I've felt the pain, yet no angel came near.

I've had the thoughts, yet no loved ones came running.

I've attempted so many things, yet no one looked my way.

I've committed the act, yet I still can't find the happily ever after.

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