Dark and Evil Poetry

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Someone I Know

Someone I Know

I know a person who claims so many words,

But those burdens that have weight on them,

They choose to let the fire grow and leave burns,

But all I want to do is not let them.

I can't control a fight that I cannot win,

The beauty of a selfless being,

Those voices I hear by the surrounding kin,

But those voices aren't what I'm seeing.

This person I know has a heart for many,

Always trying their best to find happiness for others,

Those heartless acts they believe they're doing for people of plenty,

Do they think they're doing good things like caring mothers?

I always thought this person I know was doing good,

I believed every word they said,

Am I a fool for falling for their tricks behind the hood?

Am I a bad person for taking in the words that I read?

I let them lead me into a trap,

I was blinded by their beautiful smile,

I should've gone back as quick as a snap,

It was never worth while.

This person I know has made me into someone I'm not,

I never wanted to be this way,

I've hurt the people without feeling bad like a bot,

I'll never have the right words to say.

Nothing will ever be the same,

They've turned me so empty I can't even see,

This person I know I can't blame,

For this person I know is me.

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