Dark and Evil Poetry

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Inside my Mind

Inside my Mind

There are things I have trapped inside my mind,

Things I can't speak of because I'm too afraid,

Many tell me that if I talk it'll all be fine,

I won't talk because I can't be saved.

I smile despite the voices telling me to stop,

I tell everyone I'm fine when I'm not,

I never felt like I was on top,

I want everyone to be okay because I feel the hurt a lot.

It's hard when you're surrounded by shame,

The pain takes over and I can't control my mind,

Everyone always thinks that I'm happy all the same,

But it hurts worse every fucking time.

I tell myself it's fake but it never feels that way,

The idea makes me want to do things I don't want to do,

I can't speak the words in fear of what they'll say,

The guilt of telling my pain would be the same if I were to kill you.

I don't want to hurt anyone yet I do everyday,

The voices in my head feel like I'm being stabbed in the heart,

I try to tell myself it's okay,

But eternally I'm falling apart.

I just want some peace from all this pain,

All these selfish songs I should've never sang

But the cloud over my head never stops it's rain,

Now my spirit will be the one to hang.

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