Dark and Evil Poetry

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Imagine a World

Imagine a World

Inside the head of a broken one,

Is the constant thoughts of what they could have done,

But each time they hold themselves back,

Trying to keep their mind in tact.

Not all of them win at their little game,

Their lives never go back to being the same,

We watch their world crumble before them,

Yet no one cares that they're broken like a flower's stem.

Inside their minds is something we can't see,

For they imagine a world that is what they call "For only me",

They live in that world without an ounce of care,

Spacing out whenever they can so they can enter their lair.

Their minds spin as they continue to live far away like a star,

They soon begin to forget who they really are.

Who they are in their world is different from who they were before,

Their minds adapting to their new version of the lore,

But as they lose hold of their precious minds,

They open the curtain to see what's behind.

Inside the room it is dark and there is no light,

They begin to shudder from the overwhelming fright,

They've lost their minds and souls to their world,

As they shake in deep fright insanity begins to twirl.

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