Dark and Evil Poetry

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I Remember the Days

I Remember the Days

Something was created inside our minds,

No one really understands what it is,

It haunts us by the things that it finds,

Like a long lost sweater that once was his.

I remember the days where I ignored it's touch,

I believed that I was an exception to the nightmare,

Yet I was pulled in by it's grasp that hurt so much,

I was released into the hellish doom where I began to care.

In the depths of the pit where I was swallowed up whole,

I shook in my place from the freezing air,

I fell to the ground from the increasing pain that took it's tole,

I began to hate the things around me that I once thought was fair.

I laid in my bed where I could not breath,

I clutched the remnant of my last good memory as tears began to fall,

Echoing thoughts began to coarse through my mind as I tried to leave,

But the intensity of my horror ran farther than an endless hall.

Deep in my head lies the secrets of my once whole self,

I reminisced the fading memories of who I once was,

A tear ran down my cheek as I stood on the shelf,

I never truly took note of what it does.

I smiled when I realized all the things I could put to rest,

I closed my eyes and flew to a place where I could do my healing,

I knew in the back of my mind I had done my best,

As my lifeless body hung from the ceiling.

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