Dark and Evil Poetry

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There's always a question I ask myself,

Through all the pain and love in my body,

I always wonder about the reason things happen,

I ask why.

Why am I always consumed by this pain?

Why am I always over looked?

Why is it that when the pain is gone I feel numb?

Why do I stop myself from my wishes?

The question why lies in my head about everything that happens,

I always and will always want to know the reason to my hurt,

I want to know the reason why I can't feel happy on the happiest day,

I want to know why I can't handle being around people.

Issues upon issues that I ask myself why,

But every time I ask myself this question guilt overwhelms my body and mind,

A guilt about this pain I believe is fake and I used to do things to help with that,

But I know I hold myself back from doing it again.


Why is a question that I believe will never go away,

A belief of which I know is fact,

I try to express myself through these words,

But why do I do it?

Why do I have to continuously be selfish and say these things?

Answers will never be given.

Questions will never be answered.

My mind full of thoughts and emotions will never be changes,

Why do I even care anymore?


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