Dark and Evil Poetry

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Silently Bleeding

Silently Bleeding

With every day that goes by,

Not everything we see is the same,

The stories of the happy Earth was a lie,

Were those stories only for fame?

I once believed that the world was full of smiles,

That everywhere I went no one was a fake,

Until I was hit by reality and I saw the smiles turn wild,

Those dull and empty eyes were no mistake.

There was once a time where I thought the Earth was small like a toy,

There was a time where I couldn't see the other side,

Until it came to me and took the last of my joy,

Now I have every reason to hide.

In the beginning I told about my ups and downs,

But no one truly understood,

So I left it on the inside and gave smiles instead of frowns,

I know nothing will ever be really good.

A laugh is a chance to forget what it feels like,

But that laugh only comes every so often,

A numbness I'm not used to making it harder to go on than a fierce hike,

Every day I hoped that things would eventually soften.

Eternally I am silently bleeding,

On the outside I am currently beaming,

I hope you don't ever feel what I am feeling,

Because on the inside all I'm doing is screaming.

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