Dark and Evil Poetry

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People have that special place they go,

Whether it's to the beach with lots of sand,

Or to the arctic with lots of snow,

All I know is that it lends a healing hand.

A mind full of skies has no worries at bay,

No one to hurt them as they carelessly smile,

Nothing to take the happiness away,

Thinking that life is all worth while.

Within that mind is a child's dream,

One that doesn't see beyond the path,

A life where no bad lies within the seams,

A life full of worry defeated by happiness' wrath.

As more suns rise and quickly set,

The skies light turning into the night,

The child's ease is put to rest,

The darkened sky causing the child such fright.

The warm summer the child once felt drained from their bones,

The bright smile that was once there becoming smaller,

The skies blue quickly changing tones,

The shadow quickly growing taller.

The child knows that they'll never see the skies,

The shadows blinding everything that they can see,

What once was a bright sun slowly dies,

The child falls down to their knees.

Falling into the pit of the night,

The child no longer beams at a careless thought,

Realizing the shadows blocking all the light,

Forgetting that the darkness is what's being taught.

Within this nightmare that torments the mind,

The child once blinded now opens their eyes,

The light in the child's dreams they will never find,

The child is consumed by the darkened skies.

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