Dark and Evil Poetry

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For so much time I believed that you were true,

For so long I believed you as my closest friend.

So many times have I been betrayed by you,

But I still come back hoping my heart will mend.

At first everything seemed so true and bright,

The light brought by your words made my heart feel complete,

As time passed your words made me feel not alright,

But I blocked it from my mind and I let your lies go on repeat.

Time has taken it's tole on me and I'm beginning to see,

That everything you've done has caused me pain,

The friendship we have is toxic to me,

Your betrayal has caused the cloud over my head to forever rain.

At the moments where you were at your lowest I helped,

The times where you needed a friend I was always there,

It seems though that whenever I yelped,

That you turned your back.....how is that fair?

For so long I've tried to keep my head up and believe you were the best thing for me,

But as the time goes by I realize that a lot of my pain is because of you,

I can't handle the fact that the pain you caused you can't see,

I wish I could forget and find someone better.....but who?

I know it hurts but I need you to understand,

That I've dealt with this pain for far too long,

Every time I cried for help you added more instead of a helping hand,

I wish your words could be as helping as a happy song.

As time has gone by you've faded away,

Is it a good or bad thing I do not know,

What I do know is that I need time to save myself from pain's dreadful day,

You've caused me to be at too much of a low.

I don't know if this is goodbye,

I wish it's not,

But I need time to recover from the scars you've caused with your simple lies,

The thought of letting you go is making me as cold as a robot.

I cherish the memories that we had where you didn't cause me pain,

I hope you understand that this is for the best and you should know why,

I know that things will never be the same,

Which is why I now have to simply tell you.....


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