Dark and Evil Poetry

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The sky fades into a setting sun,

The night closes onto the world's dome,

The darkened light signifying to end the fun,

To enter the safe place we call our home.

The darkened sky has now lasted more than a day,

The night causing all the lit eyes to to become blank,

The colorful rainbow in everyone's heart has turned gray,

The everlasting night is the time when I sank.

I fell into an abyss followed by no light but the moon,

Eventually hitting the ground that's as cold as ice,

The light had faded away so soon,

This room I've been in more than twice.

A maze of a room that seems to never end,

I feel the cold air caressing my skin,

I've never wished more to be in this room with a friend,

I'm lost in this world as the darkness releases a grin.

I travel through every hall and door,

I end up in the same place no matter what I do,

I never have found what I was looking for,

I wish I didn't have to be alone without you.

I'm in a labyrinth of which I cannot escape,

Not until I put my mind at ease,

But my head is racing from the thoughts that play like a repeating tape,

I'm always pleading, the one saying please.

I run in this labyrinth like an animal chasing it's tail,

The sky getting darker from my heart cracking to bits,

This labyrinth was created because I knew I would fail,

Knowing that things will never be the same hurts like a thousand hits.

I apologize to myself for causing this endless loop,

I wish I could rest so I could finally breathe,

I'm done with jumping through the hardest hoops,

I hate how when you close your eyes you can still see,

You don't even realize I've faded from the group.

This labyrinth I've created is the pain in my mind,

This place is represents how you've damaged my heart,

I'm waiting for you to finally find,

That I'm sorry that our friendship has fallen apart.

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