Dark and Evil Poetry

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Inside my mind is a shower of tears,

Inside my chest is a bleeding heart,

The world continues to spin despite my fears,

No one notices that I'm falling apart.

I continue on as I am told to breathe,

I breathe in to try and not feel the pain,

But the pain grows until eternally I'm as dry as a heath,

The death inside of me screaming for the rain.

I wish I could save myself from this constant strain,

To be free of the world's tug on my life,

Not even a cut helps me from the ever lasting pain,

The more I live it's like my heart's being stabbed with a knife.

I struggle in this world of which continues on,

So many times have I thought of an escape,

At the point of this my heart is long gone,

Even if I want to speak my mouth's covered with tape.

By tomorrow I'll continue to breathe and live as I eternally die,

Watch the sun rise as the world carries on,

As I watch everyone live their lives without a care if this battle I win,

Saying that people will care is one big and complete lie.

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