Dark and Evil Poetry

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The world only sees what one wants it to..

Whether it's a smile thrown on someone's face,

Or a mere glimpse of what's inside their hearts.

No one truly knows, we only can guess.

Inside one's mind and heart contain scars only they know about, every so often letting one see the truth.

Maybe they trust that person to see what's inside,

Or they're so desperate to let it out they merely show it to whom they can.

Lots of people hide what they think and feel.

Sometimes a crush on another, others a break in their soul that they cant handle.

Others handle whats inside in different ways,

Sometimes it's left inside it's bottle, and others it's let out for the world to see.

Occasionally you'll get the one who feels too much,

Where the bottle has been overfilled.

The contents spill all over the floor beneath them,

Which causes them to sometimes no longer feel.

Or in more worsened cases....the bottle shatters along with the person.

Some things just cannot be fixed,

Sometimes it's too much for one to bare.

Their mind and souls being taken over by what's inside,

It cannot always be controlled.

People are sensitive and sometimes cant hide their bottles.

Others tend to hide them for too long.

I need to let my bottles and scars be seen...

...But no one's around to let my bottles be see

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