Dark and Evil Poetry

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Lights start to glow,

In a giant room,

I look around,

The lights are lit like a bomb went boom.

What I think are shadows,

Look at me with curiosity,

The lights start to fade,

The shadows then glow with luminosity.

Blankly I stare,

At the surrounding figures,

They have big wide smiles,

They're pointing fingers.

Pointing me to a narrow door,

I start to run,

I dart across the floor,

The story has begun.

Before I could get to the door,

It turns into a brick wall,

I'm now trapped inside this nightmare,

In the closed room like a doll.

I search for a way to escape the room,

The shadows are still smiling,

But with a slight gloom,

They're intense looks reminding me of wildlings.

the wall fades,

And I start to run,

My eyes see the rays,

The light of the morning sun.

I reach for the light,

But a hand takes my wrist,

I look behind me,

It's a glowing mist.

The mist smiles,

And it lets go of my wrist,

I continue to run,

At the beaming light that seems to twist.

But the shadows came,

They're ready for a fight,

They block all the light,

And I couldn't see,

Nothing but the shadows and me.

I turn around and run into the wall,

Leading me to a beach summer call,

The sun starts to beam,

Kids are playing on the beach.

I begin to smile,

It's no longer raining,

I begin to enjoy myself,

Playing at sea.

As I lay in my bed,

I begin to see,

The night looms in my eyes,

I start to scream.

For the only light,

Is inside of my dreams.

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