Dark and Evil Poetry

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Flashes upon flashes,

It shines outside my window,

It's silver beam in the shape of a sash,

I hide beneath my pillow.

It's shining light continues to glare,

I squeeze my pillow even more,

The shine is as bright as a flare,

It's like the light is off to war.

I call this shining thing lightning,

For it's the bright flash that I see,

It's glare ever so slightly brightening,

The light shining right into me.

I clench my eyes shut,

I squeeze my pillow tight,

The fear feeling like I was punched in the gut,

My body shining from all of the light.

I feel my body jerk to the side,

As I feel the light brighten to the extreme,

It's too late now to hide,

As the 18-wheeler rams right into me.

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