Dark and Evil Poetry

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Ever since I was young I dreamed to do one thing,

I wanted to soar high in the sky,

But everyday the sun was covered by dark clouds;

I knew it would hurt to soar if it were to rain.

Everyday I wished I could fly like birds do from tree to tree.

I wished I could live among the creatures of the sky.

However each time I tried to be like superman and fly,

I realized all the good things I had while I lived on land.

The memories of me walking and running,

The memories of me dancing on a warm beach,

The laughter I had whenever I would fall while I skipped,

The memories made me smile,

So down I came from the rooftop where I wanted to fly.

All these memories holding me back from my wish,

The cool breeze caressing the sides of my arms like a gentle kiss.

But the memories I had would always win my fight to fly,

However who's to say I couldn't taste a little of that sky?

Everyday, upon the rooftop I went.

I wanted to be like the birds and the angels who flew without a care.

I wanted to live in peace and harmony without anyone to say otherwise.

But the memories of my life on the land would send me back to the ground,

But when I looked at the sky I would be filled with the envy of the winged creatures who had the ability to fly.

Soon came the day where I went to the rooftop,

I stared up at the sky and I began to smile,

I looked down upon the ground and I wasn't filled with an endless loop of memories.

I smiled at the thought that I was free from holding myself back,

I jumped into the air so I could fly,

A smile spread on my face as I encountered the ride.

Up and up did I soar to the sky,

Little did everyone know that now I could fly.

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