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Poems from my mind that I want to express to the world in order to know if I shall keep writing . I'm just a beginner , with lots to learn so please enjoy these poems for they will let you know who I am The Stories (Poems) 1. Inner Sounds (haiku poem ) 2. Love can be so blind ( Lyric Poem ) 3. Jane McCartney . 4. Walk in My shoes for, a day ( free verse) 5. A New Life Of Mine (Acrostic Poem) All Real or Fake Mean a lot because they are my art and I care about my art work . I will say whether or not if it is real or Fake by saying Nonfiction or Fiction , and I do know the difference so ....yeah

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Inner Sounds (Haiku Poem )_ Fiction

" Hearing is so nice

inner Sounds are beautiful

A wonderful thing "

Raheem Turner

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