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Love can be so Blind (Lyric Studio) Non Fiction

Love can be so blind
Love can be blind
You may see the start of
A new love
But you'll go blind when you fall in love
Oh love can be so blind
I know.... From experience
That love isnt for the weak
And now the time has come
For me , to speak
And to tell the story
On how , love broke the light on my life
Shattered Glass surrounding me
Cold Air Holding me
The dirty stinch made my nose cry
And the pain and fear show thru my eyes
I'm left in darkness
I'm here all alone
In a place with no name
A place I don't know
A place without a living soul
A place I urge one not to go
Love , I said Love
Love Can be So ! .... Blind
Yes It can
So make sure you got your cane , baby
Cause love will leave you blind

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