Everything I Never Said

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This is my collection of poetry where a sad girl tries to figure out her life by writing everything down.

Poetry / Romance
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When I was a little girl

When I was a little girl,

I had all these big plans,

I wanted a big wedding to show the world that I was in love,

I was a hopeless romantic,

Emphasis on the hopeless.


Even from a young age I was starting to lose hope,

I had all these big plans,

But no love to fill the wholes these plans had left,

My future was planned right down to the soap I wanted,

There was just no smile to hold it all together.


By the age of 10,

I had already decided that family was a waste,

By the age of 12,

I had already decided I wanted no kids,

By the age of 14,

I had decided that love wasn’t worth it,

By the age of 16,

I had decided I no longer wanted life,

I had already lost all the hope of a young girl with big plans.


I had all these big plans,

Where’d all my hope go?

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