3 minutes

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This is about a girl who’s going through the most and struggles to persevere. However her love of music keeps her going. She feels that the people in her music understand her. But how far can you push someone until they break.

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3 minutes

The average length of a song is three minutes.

Sometime the only people who’s heartbeat synchronized with hers were the people singing in her head. Her music was her s sole listener. Not only did she hear it but she felt it in the most painful way possible. He felt their heartbreak, their joy, their empowerment. The glory exalting over pain, the beauty and her dreaming spirit made it seem as if the world wasn’t completely wretched. And though it only lasted for three minutes, for what it was worth, it made her feel less alone.But only for two minutes more.

The melodies let her cry; gave her a safe space to for once, open up her broke “something” that she’d being desperately trying to heal. And though she felt that there was no reason to treasure a broken something she, she held onto it for a minute longer.

Sure enough her melodies helped her survive ; kept her walking. And those same melodies made it okay. But it wasn’t enough to keep her dreaming. No matter how long she survived, it wasn’t enough to make her feel alive. And just like that, too far deep...thirty seconds left.

The music had faded. Ceased to exist. No longer does she treasure her something. No longer does she care. Beautifully, the melodies were her beginning, and they carried her to her end. Not all beautiful songs get the recognition they deserve. Neither did she.

The average length of a song is three minutes. My darling held on for three minutes.

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