Do I intimidate you

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It’s basically about this girl feeling confident in her body and won’t change for no one. Where on the other hand people are trying to change her. Little did they know, she isn’t going to fall under what they have to say about her.

Dinah D.
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Do I intimidate you?

I see you looking at me

Just watching you staring me up and down

Why think i’ll change for your devilish ways

Does my body intimidate you

Is it something you like?

Or is it something you want me to change?

I won’t change for no one

Cause’ now you’re playing my game

I’m the only person who makes up the rules

I see all the disgusting faces you make with friends

But boy you don’t intimidate me

So don’t get so caught up with yourself

The way I dress is the way I want

You think i’m fat

I think i’m the finest girl on earth

You won’t ever see me dress the way you want me too

I am beautiful just the way my Father created me

So don’t come at me with all your hate

And all you’re cruel words

I am just as human as you

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