In My Feelings (poem)

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Life does not take it easy on us, everyone is going through or had been through something. This is to the struggle and the hardships and getting through it all. This is for the betrayal, the heartbreak, the lies, the tears, mistrust, misdirection, deception and the moment of confusion in between but despite all still finding the strength to pull through.

Poetry / Romance
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You are my everything, I have nothing.

I need you to survive, to provide.

You went out to hunt.

Was I ever enough?.

I never had a choice,

I was to you but a gift

But still by choice, unknowingly bounded.

My freedom came with cuffs.

I was never enough!.

I couldn't see beyond your walls.

Now I know, about them.

For the world I'll act tough.

Is it ever enough?.

You don't remember your script.

Too many characters to play.

Now I've heard all your lines.

And they're never enough!.

Your facade for the day.

Your lies, my tears.

An eternal circle.

Was my love ever enough?.

You promised me a better man tomorrow.

Tommorrow never comes, your lies never end.

What did I expect.

Now you could never be enough.


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