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A poem about the realism of heroism

Poetry / Drama
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Chapter 1

A hero.

Slayer of evil,

or savior of the weak.


with a sacrifice that saves who?

Who’s hero are you?

A hero of demons?

Is that really a hero at all?

Is it heroic or stupid?

When surviving could have saved more.

If you sacrifice another,

which one is the hero?

If you are sacrificed,

but you did not choose,

is that a hero

Or nothing but a sacrifice?

Is it truly heroic

when there is any sacrifice at all?

Because then who is the hero,

If the hero doesn’t live at all.

If you kill a monster,

save a world in the process

Is that not what a hero would do?

Without any sacrifice at all?

So is that truly a hero?

Or another monster after all?

If one sacrifice

doesn’t protect them all,

How much of a hero

can that really be?

Can anyone be a hero?

Or does karma kill everyone?

What really makes a hero?

When anyone can claim sacrifice.

Anything can be sacrificed for.

What really makes a hero,

a true hero?

What would they do in agony?

What would they do in pain?


An eternity of torment.

A true hero.

Is there one among us?

Not even one?

To look up to?

To learn from?

A guide for morals?

A guide for stress?

A guide for the thing called the soul?

A guide for how to react,

in any and all circumstances?

To make the world a better place?

If you let the worst of the bullies live,

who will have to live in agony?

Because you wanted to be a hero

more than you wanted to save.

Who is really the bully

when every killer seems a hero,

when everyone has a reason.

What makes the gardener

better than the serial killer

serial killing

serial torturers?

What makes the serial killer

better than the serial torturer?

Torturing the devil.

What makes the torturer,

better than a demon,

betrayed by its own creators

from the time it was created?

Where does a villain end

and a hero begin

when a villain stops more villains

than a hero who rescues lives?

Where is the sanity

in stopping a psychopath

who only targets sociopaths?

Where is the hero

when the villain is born?

How are you better than a hero

who at least tries?

How are you better than someone

when you tell them

wanting to save lives is wrong?

Not okay?

Do you feel like the hero

when you tell someone

they are not a hero?

Do you feel like a hero

when you tell a killer

they are not so bad?

Do you feel like a villain

when you protect yourself?

Does being a hero

make you a villain?

Does wanting to help,

does wanting to save,

make you a villain?

Is it the method?

Is it the choices?

Can both a hero and a villain

have the same goals and intent?

Can both a hero and a villain

want the same things?

Can a hero want villainous things?

Can a villain want heroic things?

The two can’t be the same.

Can a hero be a villain?

If you look at it from another angle

and that’s not a hero,

were they ever a hero at all?

If a hero is after the villain,

who is the villain’s hero?

If the villain needs a hero

does that mean there was never a hero

in the first place?

Is a villain defeating a villain

better then no hero at all?

If they make another need a hero

then how are they a hero?

How can someone only be a hero

to only a few?

A hero in the eyes of a few

may be a hero to them

but is no hero at all.

A defender perhaps.

A warrior perhaps.

A champion, perhaps.

But definitely no hero.

Is there a limit to being a hero?

Is a hero a hero in all circumstances?

If put on the spot

without the strength for a better option,

are they still a hero?

If they survive

to be a hero for more,

when at that moment,

it may be the one

who put them on the spot

who may need the hero.

When there is a choice,

which choice makes a hero?

Which choice makes a villain?

Which choice makes a person?

With two lives to choose,

both innocent

and no time to lose,

which one makes a hero?

What truly makes a hero?

Which choice is the sacrifice?

Which choice is a sacrifice?

Could both make a hero?

Not choosing can not make a hero,

if one is less innocent,

a hero will choose the innocent.

The less innocent needs a hero too.

But if you let the innocent die,

how much of a hero are you?

What if to stop a villain,

the hero has to hurt an innocent?

If that villain is not stopped

more innocents will be hurt

but hurting the innocent

may turn others into villains.

Which choice makes a hero?

A hero is a hero regardless of criticism.

Not being seen as a hero

does not make one any less

of a hero.

Not being one person’s hero

does not make one any less

of a hero.

They can still have

another hero.

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