The Circle

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The Circle is a collection of poems, that expresses the never-ending motion of the seasons, while the humans are dissatisfied all the time. In the cold of winters, or in the hot of summers, the humans need something else, that they doesn't have, so they can't be happy anytime. Written by Kristóf Kozma, AKA bechryko

Poetry / Mystery
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Expectations for the spring

I thought that the spring has come, but
I see that there is a combat
between the spring and the winter
while cold pinch us as a splinter.

This is spring! but frost is dwelling
herearound and some foretellings
are about the global warming
not about an ice age forming.

Nature blossoms beneath the snow.
I hope warm’s coming, it’s just slow.
Sun shines through the greenery of trees
but it’s cold because of cool breeze.

The kid elbows in the window,
waiting for the spring in repose
while Sun as an orange island
disappears in the horizon.

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