Shards Of Mirror & Rose 🌷

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Another book of my dark poetry.

Poetry / Mystery
Bright Cyprus
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The Past Hunts Us Still...

Golden leaves fall from the trees

A perfect summer we just had

You and me

But now it’s time for seasons’ change

And nothing should be awfully strange

Winter came and winter went

But still a terror follows us, by our scent

We try to ignore it, we try to be calm

But we cannot be false for too long

A summer breeze healed all our wounds and fears

A summer breeze saved us and brought us cheer

All the horror we saw in winter time

And what we thought was a perfect crime

But now the chill has returned again

And we’re being tracked by an enemy friend

Good memories safe in our minds

But we cannot leave the bad ones behind

When something happens, the memory stays

And the pictures won’t go away

What’s good and pure will not hide the dirty

What’s innocent and truthful will not cover up the guilty

A harmless kill in December, won’t harm anyone if no one remembers

A simple murder behind some trees, can’t be a crime if nobody sees

A perfect crime, can only be perfect if it happens on time

The horrible burdens we carry

Like the past, will not stay buried

To undo a terrible wrong

Will mean to really undo it

And not to shoo it

The terror hunts and sniffs

We feel its energy and we grow stiff

It comes to us in the form of a beast

That wants our flesh for a feast

With a side of our guilt (if we have any)

Revenge is sweet, when served with meat

The guilt hangs heavy in our hearts (if we still have one)

No force can ever break apart the bond of friendship, but when there’s a secret will it hold you together or tear you apart?

But when it’s a secret such as this? How can vengeance miss?

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