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It's just a piece of poetry..... None of them are connected or linked with each other..... However few of them have to be continues..

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Kavya Sree
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Chapter 1

I'm not a princess,nor you

are a prince in the

shining armour,

ready to rescue me from all the silly. problems and mess

create for myself...

I'm not the girl of your


I'm not the girl you

desire to have as

exclusively yours.

Because I can't promise

to be there for you

to be there with you

always you call me.

Because I can't tell you

the black truth,

Which would break your

heart into million pieces,

which I couldn't even count.

But I'm selfish because

I can't see you like that

I wouldn't be able to see you like that.

BUT yet, I sense...

I feel like killing my self

with a knife before letting

you know

About my bitter truth.

It aches ,yes, my heart aches

Talking to you as if

Nothing has ever happened.

But the huge hole in

My hear reminds me

Of staying away from you.

It's really hard to let you go,

It's really hard not telling

You that I Love you.

But I'm sorry,

That I have to leave you alone.

There is no other chance left.

The hole is eating me up

from inside.

But yes,

There is one wish that I want to make.

That I want you to be by my side,

to be with you

when I die.

When I will be on my way

to heavens,

I want to say a goodbye to you.

And then you would say

that our love lasts forever,

And till the eternal......


I have to say the

Bitter truth to you.

That I have to go,

That I have to say you

GOOD BYE......




Hope u all like it..

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