I sense..

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Chapter 2

She comes to me like a dream,

Like the waves of the ocean,

like the brightest star in

that huge sky up above,

Like a rainbow in the dark

Shining apart,

Like the cool Breeze making

me shiver out of cold.

Her hair falls on my face

Making me feel dizzled,

It feels like heaven on the earth,

I feel like swimming in those hairs

of her,

So soft.

It feels as it feels the most beautiful

Of all the flowers of the huge Garden.

I tuck few strands back of her ears

which made her blush profusely

into a deep shade of red.

But then the rays of the sun

Wake me up hitting my face from the


I rub my eyes trying to adjust

Them to the brightening light,

Signing out of sadness I realise

That this was just a dream.

I wish I could do something

About this,

About us....

But I sense...

But yet somehow I really hope,

for this dream to come true,

For you to be true,

For you to be with me


Till I breath my last.....


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