I sense..

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Chapter 3

Stood there alone..

my darken soul

There on the shore

of my dream on the whole.

I stood there still

staring at the beautiful

sun set;

when the cool breeze hit

My face making me shiver.

Waves of the water

Moving to and fro,

Trying to bring happiness,

taking away the sorrow

that I feel

But I sense...

But I feel that the sorrow

with in my heart

would never be taken

away from me.

It soon gets dark.

Stars starts to twinkle;

Moon appears to be the

brightest of all,

wearing the dark covers

of the sky.

People say that I'm

not perfect.

Then I laugh remembering the

fact which the people


The fact that moon being the most

beautiful things of all

have the SPOTS....


guys hope you like it..

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