I sense..

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Chapter 5

You promised you will be there,

You promised you will never leave me alone,

You promise to you will love me till the eternal.

But then on one fine day

You came and said

That promises are meant to be broken

And that those promises were

all a lie...

Why did you do this to me?

Why did you break my heart?

You said those words out

As if nothing just happen

As if it is meant nothing to you....

But I sense...

But you somehow I hope

That this was all a lie

That you did this on purpose

Just for fun.....

I just hope for you to tell me

that this was all a joke....

But then my senses bring me

Back to reality

That this was not a joke

That this was not a lie....

Why did you do this to me?

Why did you hurt me?


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