Lost Thoughts

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5 minutes to the church

Eyes closed

Mind disoriented

A blizzard in the dark

Snow flying past my window

Where did it come from?

Who brought this snow here?

My parents believe it came

From a laudatory figure up above

But I sit in the doddering minivan,

The stained cotton seats

that share the same age as me,

And I try to comprehend where we are going

The purpose of our travel

I hear voices every day

What is his plan for us?



You have no evidence

Only faith to reinforce your implication

I don’t know what to believe, to conjure, to credit

What path to follow

Who am I supposed to pray to?

To worship?

I had a belief

But that was long ago

Those thoughts no longer clog my brain

Control my actions and thoughts

I unclogged my brain years ago

But now I am lost

Without a religion

Without a home

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