Lost Thoughts

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I ’ve been sitting

on this shelf

for years


by dust

I’ve watched her age

and I’ve perceived her mistakes

and have been unable

to assist


to soothe her pain

and share

my knowledge

It’s as if

I was chained

to this shelf

My mouth

sewn shut

Just sitting

upon this ledge

She thinks

I am just


and fur

But I am more

than that

I can recall things

that have occurred

in prior years

I can remember

what they call


I recount

that little boy


my squishy body

and his life


And my life

with him

I have the ability to

obtain the memories

of my past “owners”

I can recall my life

after the death

of that little boy

I remember the tiny girl

Filled with sorrow

and dejection

When I was proffered to her

her spirits were raised

For I hold the memories

of her perished father

With every death

my fur lost its softness

Over time

my seams loosened

My thread


My eyes began to droop

until my left eye

had enough

and fell off

Leaving half my face


Causing me

to go blind

My most paining memory

the memory

of my beloved


Oh how I long

How I Iong

to feel her warmth

to be held in her arms

and hear her heartbeat

She is

and forever will be

my favorite

I favor

her little giggle

I will never forget

the first words

she spoke

or the first steps

she took

But most unfortunate

I will be unable to


her demise

The final words

she spoke

The final steps

she took

I have this


in my head

These memories

have the inability

to escape

They have

no place to go

Just like the child

on the corner

of 5th Avenue

who sleeps

in that tiny brown

cardboard box

I remember things

I have no wish

to remember

All because of this body

I am trapped inside

All due to the fact

that I am


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