Lost Thoughts

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The Garden

The Garden

She once read a story,

a frail and scrawny orphan girl;

a story about a garden

and how no garden was the same around the world.

The girl looked at the photo

on the first page;

upon closer observation,

she discovered that the photo

was of dirt.

She could faintly see the worms,

camouflaged amongst the muck.

She inferred that the worms

provided strength for the dirt.

The orphan turned the page

and again noticed the soil.

It was as if the story

was trying to tell her something;

perhaps its purpose in the garden.

She told herself that

it provides nutrients to the plants;

that the plants grow in the soil and

feed on the minerals in the dirt.

The intelligent child

flipped the page,

hungry for more knowledge.

The page displayed a fencing

surrounding the plotted land and soil.

What is the fencing’s purpose?

she asked herself.

Does it scare off the animals?

but she soon began to question her idea.

Moments passed

and the answer appeared in her brain,

as if it was always present.

The fencing protected the plants inside.

Its purpose was to keep the plants and soil safe

from harm or danger.

The orphan grew tired and closed her eyes.

A couple minutes later she woke up abruptly,

determined to complete the book.

The last page consisted of

the garden in its entirety.

Her final task

was to envision the purpose of the plants.

She pondered for half an hour

when she began to lose her determination

and stamina.

A woman entered the girl’s shared room

and ordered that they all must go to sleep.

As the child laid her head upon the dusty pillow,

she understood the purpose of the plants.

The seedlings would grow and entertain

the fences and the soil,

thus providing happiness for the rest of the garden.

And with the thought in her mind,

the child drifted off to sleep.

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