Lost Thoughts

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Letter to...


I regret the words I have spoken. I regret hurting all the people I have inflicted pain upon. I regret choosing to be the person I am. I regret being myself to others, showing them my true personality and self before they have time to take comfort in my presence. I regret allowing myself to feel; feeling and desire have always been my undoing. I regret being born, although the choice was not mine. I wish I could tell my parents to stop, to not make the decision and take action of my creation. I believe others’ lives would be better if I was not in existence.

dear guardian of grace,

don’t take this step. don’t do it. she wishes not to be in this world. she has no desire to do so. she begs you to stop and think. to think of the consequences. don’t take this step. don’t give her life. she wishes you do not so. don’t do it. don’t do it, for her.



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