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Double Shot of Forget Me Not

I'll have a double shot

Of forget me not

As you walk away,

An ice-cold glass

Of kiss my ass

As you throw it away

I'm gonna hit the lake

In the boat you hate

And not give a damn about you,

I might catch a fish

Or I might call trashy Trish

Who's been waitin' for me to be rid of you

Here's a toast to the end

Of the rhymes that I've penned

Lauding things that weren't in you,

As I drink to new women

And free easy livin'

With nobody askin' me "did you?"

I'll take my life back

And eat a big mac

With no one to ream me about it,

I'll move on with my life

Freed of a wife

Who cared so little about it

Copyright: All rights reserved. Nobody can use, redistribute, reiterate, reproduce, copy, or in any other way incorporate what I have written or I might get really mad. I may even sue you. I live smack-dab in the middle of a town filled with starving lawyers. And not just that, I have a lot of time on my hands and could really use some of your money.

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