Billie Blossom

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Somewhere in the flooded village, someone wondered at the top of the tree, it was such an endless rainy month, and there was no one seemed appeared on the ground for a few weeks passed, in there she whom lost herself.

Poetry / Thriller
Ricky Hadrian
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Billie Blossom

Billie Blossom

The tears softly patter from the sky has to swamp all over the narrow land. Crops floated above the sunk surface, likewise the whole of habitat. Blocks were spoiled, lights were dim, cloths covered the frame, only the gleam of the dingy lantern. Days by months and season had passed, bones froze and flesh sunk, at the edge of those who are breathless. And neither paddy nor bread, inside the shack, nothing left to be served but holding over the tick of the clock that will eventually come to the very edge.

Fishes dancing around spreading their tails over the wet short-puddles yet, it was tall enough to reach over the men navels, but not quite over the chest. The puddle was slightly cold as the wind blow fell from the hills, therefore the body growl and perform harder to warmth. However, it all seems impassable with an empty fuel.

Days rotate thirty-times more but cloud none seems whitenings, the thick fog that floats above the atmosphere will eventually be seen by the sensor when the nights arrived, whereas the warm haze collapsed to the surface when the sun has risen, that phenomenon not often visible where the horizon blinded from the wrath of the Almighty.

The gob and bundle of woods were fragile even collapsed, remaining a few that able to stand. There she was, under the red-colored fade rooftop, a young girl daydreaming, next to the only window that was open wide and lonely.

The Beginning

"What were you thinking of? ", never have I forget that expression on her pale face, inside she was covered but deeply she was trapped, that picture manifested in my mind for quite a time. Red hair like rambutan-red, Blue eyes like the blue-ocean deep, pointy nose and two pairs of tooths that are marching a bit forward than the rest of the line, bravely. In my sight, she appeared, at the very distance of me, who stood at the peak of the highest Nara tree. "What was inside your head. little girl?"

Her fingers slightly moved, the sight seems frozen, took a frame into her embrace. " What did you see?"

Ocean in her eyes almost looks wavy, even the stream in her teary-eyed was fallen and moisten her entire face. I wished it was as easy as snapping fingers. Therefore, I wouldn't mind approaching her, however, even click a finger I couldn't, a name I haven't gotten, if I'm reaching over her, that I wouldn't be surprised to get thrown by stones, just like what happened to me with the other children from the previous days.

Although what in the world of words could describe what I felt, what I have witnessed, my black-fur went plumbs and sharpened like needles, my pupils widened covered the entire surface that supposed to be in yellow-colored, of her who took a clear bag of plastic and capped her whole head covered, strapped around her neck and the bag kept shortened and deflated along in every breath she took. " Oh, Young lady, I'm the only one who born with nine-lives.”

What am I thinking of?" My body has woken from sleep, feet ran and jumped recklessly during the thunder strike, from the tip of the branch to the roofs and top of the ceilings, house over houses, twelve feet the gap between one and another, through the pipes declining and depending with my claws, weaken my clench and pushed it away from the body to the balcony of the window I went, she, who has laid down powerless.

Clenches both of her palms, but the vision has slowly faded. How long have I been running for?"

My claws sprouted with its fangs, in a rush, I ripped and pulled apart the plastic into shredded, the drops of blood glide from scratches of her nose into her cheek. " Young Lady, you gave me no other choice."

She was feeble, but that present stable as she felt, especially right after she could breathe normally. It took her a moment to be fully conscious, although nevertheless of what happened, it wasn't what I expected.

There she was.

Steady in her stand, bones in her feet in action, glare and stare over me like I was her dinner, she reached over then picked me up and there her foot-pace was in a hurry.


The sounds above the surface of the old wood went along with the loudness of the thunderstrike. Why in such a hurry o young lady?”


My body harshly crashed, I felt numb one-sided, the stroke blinded my vision for quite a while, until that sound awoke me in an instant.


Something sharp she pulled, the handle might be firm, yet the point was quite intimidating. O young lady, what did you want? This flesh is forbidden, and this blood is a smudge for you.

Young lady, shall who may end this life?"

" Billie "

Billie, what an unlikely name for a young lady."

" Billie, No! "

" What have you done "

How did she?"


When I slowly opened my eyes, I saw her sat next to the knife on the floor, with her knees bent and her back bowed, hand covered the face, between the gap from her fingers the stream starts falling.

Isn't this is my only chance?"

The window was wide open, not the same one but there I wouldn't be hurt. Therefore, I set my form steady, my upper back slightly lean a bit forward, and there I was ready for the leap.

In the meantime, as my eyes glance to her before I took the jump. I was speechless to what I saw. She who sat there had been stroking her head with her very own fist, over and over again, repeatedly.

"Billie, you fool! "

The screamed sounded very loud to my ears, loud enough to broke my heart and soul into pieces.


For the time being, I convinced my self that I had forgotten how to jump, and there she was, being taken controlled by her own emotions.

A few moments ahead.

The skies went clearer, and the wind breeze blows quietly, the water stream wasn't longer fall from the sky, instead it went by the rooftop.


Five consecutive times the minute-hand circled, her voice began to calm, and both of us stood at the same position as we were five minutes ago, I was standing high whereas she was seated lower, and quiet in her expression, these tiny feet bravely approached her, slow and not hasty.

Hey, " I said.

Don't cry again."

Indeed she didn't understand in anything that comes out of me


she did that again.

In her motion, she reached over the knife beside her,

I felt scared, and without hesitation, I bounced myself high over the balcony and ran as fast as my shadow before me. That was the last time I saw that girl, Billie, as she told her name was, plumbed with the sadness in her eyes.

The Last Part

As time went by and the weather has changed, the cloud has whitened, and the skies touched the sun slowly and drowned the eyes into its brightness, grounds and muds and clays accompanied by worms and maggots that have started to show up. A few villagers cheer in joy with each other, but a few more houses remain in silence.

Not very far from the rice fields, the red-roofed house took my attention completely, the house that used to be half-sunk now had become a coarse-looking house. The windows opened, and the door had broken, rotten by the flood.

Not particularly my thing to enter the house from the main door, and not in any means to followed the ethics of how a human behaves but remembered again of the last time I went in, my fortune wasn't that splendid, therefore I decided to step forward with these little paws of mine from the main door.

And just like the house in general, especially house that was impacted by the flood for quite a time, a few things scattered on the floor, a few electronics had flipped over upside down, fractions of the vase were splattered everywhere around where I could spot them and a massive-massive chipped walls everywhere along with the ocean deep aroma floated in the air.

Stairs made out of woods circled in the spiral. It looks like it's the only access to reach another floor. Dark surrounding, and the single light are reflected through the window that was covered by cloths, just right when you step in you'll be welcomed by the most uncomfortable smell, and please don't get me wrong, I love the smell of the rotten fish, but this one is an exception.

As I went in,

I can see a few crows with their sharp peckers passed by the windows. And there I was, In the room where I jumped through and back when she was wounded by my claws. It almost looks identical to what I could remember at the time, a folded chair on the floor, stacks of plates everywhere nearby, and a small looking wardrobe filled with packs of clothes and something on the top of it that completely took my attention.

It’s a frame, with a picture inside it, there she was smiling in between a man and a woman embraced, as I seen it over again I noticed that in the picture, they're all almost looks alike. Billie’s eyes is as blue as the woman and her red hair is as red as the man in the picture, I'm glad that I could see the smile on her face."

So I decided to move on and walk across the rest of the room, yet she was nowhere to be found.

I thought, " Perhaps she went outside and singing along with her neighbors to celebrate their freedom."

And then I told myself to leave.

But that voice

" Thank you "

A whispered, and it sounds closer to where I stand.

I've recognized that voice somewhere.

My eyes wandered, and within the ceiling, I saw a hole.

My sense of smell was sharp, and all of the sudden I realized, that if I could turn back in time, I would be convincing my self to not to leap at the hole, which is an attic and it's quite enormous, there was two folding-bed on top of the surface, one tiny-windowed with a square-patterned frame and a figure of a man with a long hair hooked by the cross at the top of the window. It was quite dark because a shroud covered the window.

Hello, is there anyone here?"

Remind me of the voice that I heard earlier.


Pretty sure I heard a knocking sound from the massive wardrobe at the corner of the room.

Who's there?" I said to convince myself that I didn't mishear a sound.


That very last knocked, has got me furious.

With my claws plugged through between the gap on the bottom door and therefore I pulled it away and with my head goes on, then the rest is now half-opened.

I hope, If I could’ve considerate my decision, and at the time I wouldn't run, I would let myself getting cut into pieces, I’m totally would and I mean it.

Because this smell, no one could ever resist, moreover, what did I just witnessed. I think that I need to puke myself with an empty stomach.

In my regrets

If only I would have stayed, this little girl, a poorly-wretched little girl, she wouldn't be bones concealed under the thin skin. Her face wouldn't be pale as white as a snowy-mountains, and she wouldn't be breathless, her body won't stink like this, perhaps instead she would've cried over the gravestones of a red-haired man and a blue-eyes woman. And she would not have been lifeless as she is now, cuddled in the arms of her beloved one.

“ Thank you “

“ My name is Billie, Billie

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