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This is about LGBTQ+ and how they are treated differently than everyone is because they are attracted to the same,different,both genders

Poetry / Romance
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Gay love dead

She wakes up in fear of losing her son who means the world to her because theres no peace for someone like him at school he's told to hang himself where his dad die in the middle of battle field because hes gay his lover holds in the moonlight but during the he tells that hes better off if daed becomes he doesn't want to be called names because he gay so he puts someone he in that position how it that this world is massed but we know that we've known that and we don't do anything about it how massed up is that that you wouldn't perfor someone to want to take there oen life because you are to selfish to acting love other people the way they love you now that person family is at loss because they lost the one person who keeps the family together congratulations you tour a family a part so you didn't have to get pick on I know you said sorry but sorry can't bring a life back from the dead.

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