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The ramblings of a madman.

Poetry / Horror
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A voice without a body.

The house smelled like sick people.

There was a strain in my breath.

I lost all lucidity in that moment.

Worn-out, beaten, empty-brained,

tears ran down my young cheeks.

I wish to wander away.

Somewhere real.

Suddenly, inexpressively nervous,

I start running without reason.

My feel slipping into a dark cavity.

Shall I go farther and faster into the clouds?

I am not a ghost!

Blazing eyes that showed only in the dark.

The eyes were there, at the foot of the bed.

A divine cry.

Behind the curtain, they watch.

This isn’t natural.

We’re behaving like lunatics.

Yellow stars in the corners of my sight.

Men’s eyes dilated in the darkness,

yet so cat-like in the day.

I am forever haunted by ghastly shapes.

I toyed with threatening catastrophe.

My throat filled with oaths and sobs.

But my face displayed a false pleasantness.

Such rage and fright was unmistakable.

Their hair sways in menace.

The last stroke of the clock sounded strange.

Taken over by unconscious movements.

A disordered brain of a madman.

I worship the ground, not the earth.

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