Cinematic Suicide

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A poem about a person’s suicidal mental state.

Poetry / Horror
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What did you see in the mirror?
Bastards, and bludgeoners, and error.
My memory was becoming rather rusty.
The glass reflection was very crusty.

From the full light to the deepest darkness.
I swiftly stepped over the carcass.
Slipped on my knees, feeling groping claws.
Swallowed up my unseen jaws.

The cellars of the underworld, I dread to see.
I know that’s where they’ll surely send me.
Drunk and accosted by bitter narcotics.
Still psycho on those anti-psychotics.

Shadows glided through the halls,
while cracking paint chipped the walls.
Away, to my seclusion, I must retreat.
Breaking bones and mashing meat.

Scratching, scraping, grating!
It’s the sound of death, they are mistaking.
Eyes like ink wells, bleeding black.
I left my noose with little slack.

Echoing off the hollow bricks in my head,
were the hideous wails of the evil dead.
On the day of the abduction of my mind,
I was certain the planets had simply aligned.

“Fear not, my son, it’s all in the moon.”
They were wrong, I’m gone; a reckless loon.
A voice grated out metallic screams.
My skin was stretched, bursting from the seams.

My response to fear is always automatic.
The torture inflicted is nearly cinematic.
A body falling through another dimension.
When will Death cease my sus
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