Unnatural Disaster

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Inside a suicidal arsonist’s mind who has a hatred or all things unseen.

Poetry / Horror
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Unnatural Disaster

That impenetrable forest.
A few painted branches.
The innumerable trunks broken into splinters.
Some would wretch and die.

Mother Nature’s sex so visible through her writhing.
Incoherent cries uttered in the ocean.
The scorching heat, leaking perspiration.
I hunt for a weak point.

The string of roasted flesh, permanently sewn into my brain.
Gulping down a breath of hot air, I nearly fainted.
A black-headed nail pierced my boot, digging its way into my heel.
I left it there, just to feel one last time.

The hiss of a spider, kicking its hairs,
as frantic as a woman.
I wanted to watch it all burn!
A bronze forest infested with scorpions.

My parched throat burned in the smoke.
I drank the dark water.
The thirst inadequately quenched,
leaving me pining.

Such sublime devotion to an unseen face.
A sister of charity, demolishing a vow of silence.
Childish fantasies of Him.
I closed my eyes for the last time.

Perhaps I will see the unseen force.
Leaving behind ghosts of fire.
My face is probably turning blue.
Forever motionless and cold.
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