I was 18

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I had to write out my story. And i thought other people should finally hear it.

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Kate Nickols
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I was 18

I had liked him for weeks

He was kind to me when we were alone

I trusted him

I was on shrooms

I don’t remember anything more than bits and pieces

I didn’t say yes

I was 18

I met him on Tinder

The first date was perfect

He took me to a party

I was scared

I drank

I blacked out

I woke up in the ER

He told me it was my fault

I saw him on Tinder again a few weeks ago

I was scared again

I cried

I was 19

He was a friend’s brother

I trusted him

I wanted his approval

My parents were out of town

He came over

I got drunk

I don’t remember moving from the pool to the bed

I don’t remember what we did

What he did

He stopped talking to me weeks later

I was 19

He was a friend of a friend

He was polite at first

He was opinionated

I liked that

We hung out three days in a row

It was 11

He kissed me

I said i had to leave

I tried to leave the car

He held me in place

He touched me

I didn’t want him to

I said no

I had to push him off of me

I went inside

He blamed me

Said i led him on

Said he didn’t want a misunderstanding to ruin a good thing

I blocked him

I was 19

He was my boyfriend

He wanted to have sex

I didn’t

He pushed

And prodded

And asked

And asked

And asked

So i gave in

We had sex

I felt dirty afterwards

I felt used


He didn’t know what was wrong

Didn’t know what he did

He told me he loved me

I trusted him

I told him

He said it wouldn’t happen again

I took him back

I wish i hadn’t

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