Feelings through poetry

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This book represents the author's feelings in poems. Behind every poem is a huge meaning. The poems are generally very long, up to one hundred words each. This poetry collection also contains bonus poems and parts.

Poetry / Other
Tanya Haven
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Part 1 - Friends

“Sometimes, I feel like I have no friends. Sometimes I feel as if I have only one good friend. Sometimes like I have a lot of them. I don’t know whether it’s because I didn’t have many friends or I am with the wrong people. Not the kind who smoke and drink - those people who seem to be healthy or outsiders. People who don’t fit anywhere. I regret I became fixated to only one because now I don’t have many of them an have trouble making new ones.

I’m afraid I won’t have any at high school, I’m worried I’ll be bullied and so many things. In this world, we can’t be sure about anything. In one second you can be best friends; in another, you can realize how fake your friend is. In one second, they can betray you.

In another, you drift away with no mutual hobbies. I feel like I’m drifting every day, away from everyone else. I don’t and won’t fit anywhere. Or will I? How can I change myself? That’s something I’ve been wondering.

I shouldn’t overthink my situation; I can’t help it. Those thoughts are unable to get from my head. There’s nothing we can be sure about; everything can change in seconds: relationships, friendships, even your life. Those are called “Unstoppable things.”

You can’t avoid them sometimes, they happen. So think appropriately for your actions. Because you may regret them in your future.”

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