Poems and Injustice - a Collection of Short Poems and Thoughts

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Hello! Welcome to "Poems and Injustice", a collection of short poems and thoughts on various subjects such as philosophy, love, human nature, corruption and injustice, and coronavirus. This is simply a journal book for me, so don't expect anything special. But if you do enough the stuff I post, please stick around for more! Thanks~ Note: The book may also contain short stories and diary entries.

Poetry / Humor
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Author's Notes

Hello and welcome to Poems and Injustice.

This is a collection of short poems, journal entries, short stories, and general thought/rants. All of the content here is written by yours truly.

Here, I will discuss my thoughts and feelings on various topics and events, whether that be love, philosophy, human nature, science, corruption, injustice, or just simply weird thoughts that I have every day.

I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this but I hope you’ll stick with me til the very end!

Thank you for reading!~

Note 1: This is essentially just a public journal/thoughts book for me, meaning that it obviously won’t be as detail rich or as mentally-stimulating (oh, god I love that term). Most likely, it will just be raw, unedited poems and walls of text. Have fun reading!

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