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"we grew up too fast, now some of us wanted our childhood to last."

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just kids.

we were just kids, not a single care in this world,

we would play our games, make up our own rules,

but not all of us can do it now,

we were just kids, we were playing till the evening,

running around under our ceilings,

but not all of us can do it now,

we were just kids, playing with some sticks and stones,

climbed on trees, and played hide and seek,

but most of us now are glued to the phones,

we were just kids, always said we'll be good people,

treat others with kindness and compassion,

but now some of us are trying really hard to be good enough to everyone,

we were just kids, didn't really care about how we look,

cared more about having fun than our school books,

but now some of us are trying really hard to learn to love ourselves,

we were just kids, always had such amazing dreams,

like being an astronaut or the leader of a football team,

but now some of us went from dreaming big to not knowing what to do with our lives anymore.

we were just kids, thought the world was really great,

wanted to grow up fast but now it's a bit too late,

but now some of us are wishing we could turn back time to the good old days,

growing up is hard,

and we've all been there before,

we went from being kids to adults,

but now some of us wish,

we go from adults to kids,

growing up is hard,

pressuring ourselves to be,

someone we're not,

thinking about every single thing,

we say to others and ourselves,

wanting to feel loved, to be in love,

growing up is hard,

actually caring about what others,

think of us, what they say behind our backs,

what kind of lies and information about us,

is out there to everyone, to those that we don't even know,

growing up is hard,

the need to pretend to be alright,

so that other people won't bully some of us,

for what we feel, what we want to say,

growing up is hard,

the need to look and act pretty,

so that we could just impress other people,

the need to put on a mask,

and hide our true feelings from the whole world,

growing up is hard,

but it's going to be alright,

we're still learning about ourselves,

about who we want to be,

what we want,

what we want to say,

sometimes we'll hit rocky paths in our lives,

but we can't let our insecurities get the best of us,

we can instead turn our weaknesses into strengths,

so i dedicate this to everyone,

whoever you are,

what you want to be,

whoever you love,

whatever you want to say,

whatever you feel,

you are completely valid.

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