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Nymphs =A nymph in ancient Greek folklore is a minor female nature deity. Different from Greek goddesses, nymphs are generally regarded as personifications of nature, are typically tied to a specific place or landform, and are usually depicted as beautiful maidens. Nymphs is a short poems collections . A nymph love to spend time with a human man whom they deserve worthy.

Poetry / Romance
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“My only love is,

my only desire is,

and my only wish is embrace me in your love and don’t go now,

I will feel peace in your arms,

it will feel like heaven in earth when you shower love upon me,

that’s how my body is burning in the desire of your touch,

causing me breathless and wanting of you more,

so as I guess tonight the dark sky lost all its stars to hide our precious moments,

look at those flowers so beautiful and wicked to hide our scents with their fragrance in our flower bed,

o my dear love,

you just have to stay close to my aching heart,

my eyes cannot see anything but only you,

love me passionately and make my mind, heart, body, soul as yours forever tonight,

my only love is,

my only desire is,

and my only wish is embrace me in your love and don’t go now,

your love will be in fire that will burn my body and mark my soul,

for I am ready to melt like a candle,

o my dear love just feel my feeling which I am unable to say about,

only my strong desires to be yours,

your every breath in my skin is teasing my body,

your love bites is like now new added beauty for making love tonight,

the crickets and frogs won’t be silent anymore,

the nightingale will sing for years of how a wood nymph loved by a human,

with so much love in his heart and making her wish come true,

wicked flowers of our flower bed will tell tales of our making love tonight

to every flower, leafs, and other nymphs of this forest,


my only love is,

my only desire is,

and my only wish is fulfilled tonight,

even if you leave me forever tomorrow but my heart,

my body, my mind and my soul will always remain yours.”

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